Unless we grasp all aspects of loudspeaker behavior we can't begin to assert that DSP is the panacea armchair advocates claim. One paragraph from Mr. Atkinson's measurement section interests me in particular: I wasn't too surprised by the Klipschorn's limited low-frequency extension despite its size. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The problem arises when everything it appears in ranges only between Toyota and Lexus. I would add to that though: shame on Klipsch for not seeing that themselves. So, yes, we are making a slight exception. My sub is a 1999 Velodyne HGS-18 which has servo feedback to keep the distortion as low as possible to match with the horns. I like the way they sound, and it's not worth it to me to change that sound so that the measurements look better. Was it ever a desire of theirs in the first place to make speakers creating the "VLF wave"? Some computer users want to uninstall it. It is a significant improvement to the tightness and control of the bass, as well as the definition and musicality of the upper bass (low midrange). Klipsch had updated the iconic Klipschorn, the first speaker founder Paul W. Klipsch designed and built in 1946-47 and the “only speaker in the world to be in continuous production (and remain relatively unchanged) for more than 70 years.”. In other words, good plots don't equal good sound. This is an absolute surety. While I understand the practicalities, this should be mentioned in the review. AD's room was really not k-horn friendly and JA ran head-long into the difficulties of measuring a horn loaded loudspeaker designed for corner placement and relating those measurements to how the speaker is actually going to be used. A few British speaker makers still employ that lossy-jointed, thin (and damped) wall concept of cabinet design. How much headroom is necessary, one may ask, if it's even ground covered by most audiophiles in the pursuit of high fidelity? I was never all that happy with the amp, the dude with the wire [sorry, can't recall his name, he lived in Berkeley and wasn't Ric Schultz, another 'wirehead'] happened to have a pair of Kilpschorns in an [tiny] acoustically inappropriate room. No, no, and no. And no polar plots? If a person wants a speaker with a flatter frequency response, they should go buy one. My gripe with JA (and Mr. Austin) on this is that he fails to realize a smaller, low(er) efficiency and direct radiating speaker isn't an exhaustive reference in and by itself (well-behaved it may measure - "well-behaved" being the operative word here), but a different principle with its own set of compromises. Therefore, amplitude responses have without question become sighted bias. The AK6 also seems to … Finally, during what turned out to be my last week with the Klipschorn AK6s, I tried driving them with the least expensive power amp I have in-house: the Luxman MQ-88uC ($5995), a permanent addition to the Luxman line that's virtually identical to the limited-edition MQ-88uSE that I wrote about in the September 2017 Stereophile. Now kids are gone and I'm in my senior years and I will never sell them again. Thanks, Greg :-), https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/rest-in-peace-john-fuselier-speaker-designer-engineer-all-around-good-guy.836506/. Here to tell you that on Tuesday March 17, we're launching a published edition of Paul W. Klipsch's cult audio newsletters, the 'Dope From Hope' via Kickstarter. Buy Klipsch to match Room size then brace yourself for Hockey Arena SPL capability. Natural-sounding dynamics. Our cherry review sample had a lightness to it that softened the cabinet's imposing lines; given its vast size, black might be too much for many households. Klipsch 70th Anniversary Celebration with Klipschorn and Heresy hxos plus. That's how long American audio company Klipsch has been in operation, and it's also how long the Arkansas outfit has been selling its flagship Klipschorn … If it still exists, perhaps HR and/or AD could arrange to have a listen to it. I Don't know exactly what aspect of sub 50Hz you're addressing here (other than "realism," but more on that later), whether it's the overall nature of bass reproduction and/or whether it concerns the Klipschorn's hardly extending down that low (it seems their "hard deck" sits at some 35-40Hz). Based on over 40 years experience with the same set of K-Horns in many environments, here are a few other suggestions for maximum enjoyment of the Klipschorns (only after you have a correctly sized room and listening position): - Get the most massive, powerful quality subwoofer you can afford to fill your large room with silky 15Hz - 80Hz bliss. So the speakers were in the corners of the W but still pointed straight forward. You'd think a stout loudspeaker with two large bass radiators per cabinet would present a setup nightmare, but finding the optimum location for the Forte III proved rather easy. Size will be approximately 10x12", perfect for the coffee table or record shelf. Some of … The sound was great. Unfortunately for 99% of the people can’t rearrange their music rooms, but if he had tried them on the long wall and tight as possible in the corners and clean smooth walls on each side of the speaker of at least 4 feet, the sweet spot would have been 8-1/2 feet from the front wall. Technical Editor, Stereophile. There are several horn speakers out there that time align the drivers. He was not a super friendly kind of guy. I managed to find a pair of bookshelf Klipsch speakers from the 1990s at a yard sale, $15 for the pair. This store had Heresys mounted 12 feet up, made a glorious sound in that room. All this talk of DSP and tri-amping to change the Khorn into something it is not just seems foolish to me. In a big room, the timing issues are masked by the room reflections, etc. The Klipschorn is the only fully horn-loaded loudspeaker available to consumers. Reactions: Lp85253, drh3b and zieglj01. I really enjoy the LS50 too. I too, was very disappointed in the STEREOPHILE review of the new Klipschorn; both in the listening review by AD and in JA's measurements. I could easily make a Rival speaker have flatter frequency response. That didn't work so well. So let me elaborate. I had Klipschorns for years. I was hoping to meet him. The Klipschorn was such a revolutionary speaker, it can still hold its own with some of the best of today’s home theater speakers. Face it, this is a 1950's era speaker and it shows. ... wretched excess with horn loaded speakers might best be defined by the home system of Richard Burwen: The Klipschorn can now be toed in or out to obtain the best imaging. RE: Responses to the Klipschorn review in Stereophile - George S. Roland 11:02:31 08/16/19 (0) RE: Responses to the Klipschorn review in Stereophile - Steve O 11:25:20 08/15/19 RE: Responses to the Klipschorn review in Stereophile - George S. Roland 09:33:18 08/20/19 (0) The weirdness of which defies rationalization - mhardy6647 14:26:54 08/16/19 When you stress "realism" in your reply, however, I can only assume your understanding of it radically deviates from my own. I trust there are many owners who are not audiophiles who may be enjoying them regardless of the flaws as there are millions who are still content with MP3s and worse. John Atkinson Apparently we are all beginning to not just accept the value of DSP in real-world implementations as being an outlier, but that it is becoming "normal." If the output characteristics of the former don't suit the impedance characteristics of the latter, it doesn't matter if both components offer Class A performance under optimal conditions: The sound won't get off the ground. The Klipschorn is one of the most enduring and famous loudspeakers in the world. If you wanted to hear the lower octaves, you had to go to the next room. The corner still serves as an extension of the low frequency horn, improving low frequency performance. I agree with the person above who was suspicious about Art's room size (no matter that Klipsch 'approved') being to small to let the timing issues integrate more favorably. That way he could have his seat away from the back wall helping with reflective sound screwing up the primary arrival of the music. He not only patented the design, but built it to standards significantly higher than was the norm at the time. ..there is no constant-correlation between tests and sound. Definitely agree he should have tried Nelson Pass’s First Watt amps. all landed with noting problems with timing issues. Well, come on, if the benchmark is realism of sound reproduction below ~50Hz, then there are no contest and no discussion --- the AR1 and its many descendants (waning in these recent decades of vented-design ascendancy) have achieved with ease where Klipschorns fail, for every minute of those 70 years. A loudspeaker simply cannot be snap-shotted like too many of us seem to want to believe. P.S. This speaker's potential has not yet been fully exploited. I visited an audiophile in Tokyo in 1979, who had converted one end of his ground-floor listening room into the mouths of two enormous bass horns, with the drivers and the throats of the horns 2 storeys higher in his attic. The corner still serves as an extension of the low frequency horn, As mentioned not a thundering bass but instruments do sound natural with great attack and presence. I also love the whole wall-console of mostly vintage-looking gear with its many knobs and VU-meters. If your readers think it is, then that's fine. He had an unfinished pair nude with xovers sitting out where you can see them. Interestingly, I found it possible to listen to this recording on the AK6s from way off axis and still fully enjoy its many spatial thrills. : below 65-70dB's) that I find most low(er) sensitivity direct radiating speakers can't quite muster, and when you add in their overall impact, ease and cleanliness at very high SPL's it's dynamically a rather complete package. And, I would like to add that the Khorns aren't wholly representative of the bigger, more sensitive segment of speakers. The claims for K-horns, if you were there at the start, did include all sorts of things that dropped by the wayside. With the Luxman amp, there was sufficient bass power to make the giants sound menacing, from the first act to the last: The bass drum that signals the death of Fasolt (sorry if that's a spoiler) had excellent impact and very good depth, albeit a bit of overhang, and for whatever reason, the sounds of the performers' footsteps on the stage were much more prominent than through other speakers. You are making some inferences about my post that were not implied. -All speakers have serious flaws. This in no way excuses the potential for ham-fisted design, but it is also not the casual critic's claimed authority on good design. There was a comment that said that the Voltis should have had their in-room response measured. The more classic Front Loaded Horns - again, non-DIY - could be the JTR Orbit Shifter LFU. Yeah, this has always been the standard response --- look at how big and sensitive our product is, their cone movement, yada yada. A drone does the same thing. There still seems to be some issues with the mid driver that need to be hashed out. During the next couple of weeks, I found much to admire in the performance of the Klipschorns, which reproduced vocals with exceptional clarity and lack of coloration, and whose stereo imaging and soundstaging capabilities were shockingly good for such wide loudspeakers. Meaningful distortion plots are difficult without access to an anechoic chamber, as I have explained in the past. Easy to knock it now, but the fact is Klipsch came out with the perfect technology, and the perfect product, at the perfect time. The last thing we need here. They are fantastic for what they are. Working with modeling clay, I noticed that the more clay I put into the corners of the horn, that tended to eliminate that beaming. thinking that the sounds from the Klipschorn's drivers were beginning to jell. . I'd love to see what measurements JA would get with an active, DSP'd Khorn. Realistic sound reproduction, or certainly its approximation hinges on physics of which size, sensitivity and ease are core parameters, and I don't see any of those apply to the AR1 and its same-principle descendants. To pretend that the measurements must somehow be flawed evades that question and serves no-one. It'll also include a foreword by renowned audiophile Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy (Classic Album Sundays) as well as Jim Hunter (Klipsch Museum of Audio History). Realistic sound reproduction, or certainly its approximation hinges on physics of which size, sensitivity and ease are core parameters, and I don't see any of those apply to the AR1 and its same-principle descendants. You've got it wrong. Down low, the Forte III's 12" K-281 treated-paper cone woofer, which uses a 3" voice-coil, is supplemented with a 15" KD-15 paper-cone passive radiator affixed to the cabinet's lower backside. My only quibble would be the normalization he uses for lateral off axis. The tweeters were remounted all the way in the back of the speaker right above the midrange compression driver to time align the mids and highs. This is no small thing. The fun part is that while one may simply observe the obvious, he gets to hear it too. In his own words: And what did we give up to gain such easy access to all those things? At my old house in Cherry Valley, small birds made their nests in the quince trees outside my window. The speaker wall had been constructed in a W shape with the middle peak flattened off. More than the other two amps I tried, the Luxman made the Klipsch's bass range come alive, especially when enjoyed from its 8-ohm outputs. The quality continues with AudioQuest Type 4 with Star-Quad Geometry internal wiring featuring carbon-loaded insulation, nitrogen-injected PE, and solid long-grain copper conductors. Pro bass drivers are just snappier, more alive and tuneful in a proper designed and build enclosure - ultimately indeed more musical. Topic - Responses to the Klipschorn review in Stereophile - George S. Roland 07:57:28 08/15/19 (18) RE: Responses to the Klipschorn review in Stereophile - Tom Brennan 17:40:10 09/07/19 (0) RE: Responses to the Klipschorn review in Stereophile - Inmate51 16:36:31 08/16/19 (3) Body—especially body. And that's the way all mags should be, not just the reviewers opinion. If the rationale would have been so obvious to dismiss them for "every minute" of their prodigious +70 year lifetime based on their supposed shortcomings, I'm sure many would have had ample opportunity to do so. Auditorium 23 and Triode Wire Labs American speaker cables provided juice to the Forte IIIs. In fact I built just such a cabinet and I was shocked at how 'dead' the music sounded compared to the final cabinet which has less bracing and damping. In its latest rendition, this historic speaker boasts an all-new neodymium tweeter, premium wire management system, and fully-enclosed design for flexible placement. ... the First Watt SIT-3 and the Quad II Classic. The ceiling was two stories high, the floor-plan was open, about 30 feet wide by 50 feet deep. The veneered birch plywood and MDF cabinet – hand-built in Hope, Arkansas – has an appealing scent of freshly cut wood and glue. But when asked to cite a single example with comprehensive measurements, either total silencce or "because I said/claim so". Art's driveway, Mike's driveway, even simple science is gone !! an odd place where a 10x10 room is called a bedroom. Why would you want your tweeter more than a foot in front of the midrange driver??! (Try DARKO KIH #25 "what do measurements really tell us"). Sorry Jim, I wasn't paying attention to the comment section and just now saw your post. Anyone see this train wreck in Stereophile? Life is too short to messing around with DSP and tri-amping. Below are some ways you can connect: >> If you'd like to know more or want to request a press kit, drop us a line at info@dopefromhope.com. Incidentally, while listening to that and other recordings, I tried increasing the Klipsches' toe-in to a point where their axes crossed in front of my listening seat—after all, it seems to me that that's how many pre-AK6 installations would have been heard, given the inability to lessen the drastic angle forced on the listener by strict corner placement—but disliked it in every way: The results were spatially confused and tonally bright, and the speakers sounded gritty on passages that sounded perfectly smooth when the cabinets were toed-in only gently. I sold the Klipschorn house in 2019 and now only have tiny rooms and/or no suitable corners, so they are not hooked up. The same can be said of miniature coaxial speakers. Using a second amp for only (1) test, then not renting the use of a semi-anechoic room. Yet, by the end of the day, larger-scale music remained unconvincing through the new speakers—Bruckner's 8th, performed by Eugen Jochum and the Berlin Philharmonic (LP, Deutsche Grammophon 138 918/19), sounded tonally skewed in a hollow sort of way and simply did not hold my attention. • A DSP'd, multi-amped KHorn would be mind blowing and further validate a truly great design that should be improved upon for future generations. And FYI, you should check out the Hi-Fi News measurements of the Klipsch La Scala AL5 at www.hifinews.com/content/klipsch-la-scala-al5-loudspeaker-lab-report. First is the dac measurement of a -90.3 dB1K Hz sine wave with a 16 bit signal and then again at 24 bit. Literally named for the swollen salivary glands they sort of resemble, Roy Delgado's patented Mumps are curved 1" ridges that round off the interior corners within the throat of the K-703-M midrange horn. But that's not "wrong" either. A dilettante has given me his dubious expert opinion. improving low frequency performance. Until then assumptions about DSP vs analog filters naturally remain just such conjecture. - Get a single middle speaker to complete the sound stage. Speaking of Klipsch, Altec and time alignment... 70th anniversary McIntosh MC2152 ......... Nope...you're not right..and Atkinson's measurements were subpar. Add to that a range of DIY-solutions like lilmike's Cinema F20 and Bill Fitz Maurice's THT. Of these may favorite would be the TH50. Of course I was speaking only of the ability to hit the air and make the VLF wave, period. The review tracks to my own listening, almost went with RP-600M but wanted to try the LS50 as my last listening room set were Klipsch. I think I could bang it out in a day with help from a friend. The spectral plot shows a lot of break up above 4kHz. The manufacturer's specs include a frequency response of 38Hz–20kHz, ±3dB, a sensitivity of 99dB/2.83V/m, and an impedance described as "8 ohms compatible." And maybe we're close to a new paradigm. Ignorance about real aspects of real things like the very large WMTMW you mention is proof of such assumptions. But with the Air Tight amp I heard grainy trebles during a couple of orchestral peaks. Those who are looking for the ungodly-real midrange of a horn-loaded Western Electric 555 compression driver or the snappy way that kick drums sound through an Altec Valencia or other speaker with that company's 416-Z woofer must look elsewhere—although the latter group should be advised that the Klipsch also comes without the upper-midrange glare of the Altec 811 horn: more tradeoffs . Tapped horns in particular I find to be very successful augmenting the folded bass horn of the Klipsch's. Some may be interested in the history of the low frequency section of the Kilpschorn, a paper from PWK from … The La Scala AL5 has three drive units, all horn-loaded. Category: Speakers What can I say about my K-horns? Why am I telling you this? Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 76 Posts. It just didn't work for me. They are two entirely different things, and if one doesn't suit your tastes, you should buy something different. Available in a cherry, walnut or black ash wood veneer finish, the Klipschorn reflects a level of high-quality workmanship that will never go out of style. Paul Klipsch, inventor and entrepreneur, patented the idea of assembling chambers and passageways for a bass driver’s sound waves to gradually expand as they travel out to the opening. The other Bogolu is my evil twin :-) ........ ...someone got it right, the new editor of Stereophile, no less. Body—especially body. Thinking the time was right for a Klipschorn review—2006 was the 60th anniversary of its design—I got in touch with a Klipsch representative, who requested photos of my room and details of its size and construction Now there's a system that could well and truly blow the mind of the Audiophiliac. The time-alignment was a noticeable improvement. Basically it is like going to a small jazz club but the performer is a stereo rather than a jazz combo. • Passive speakers, no matter how good they are, have serious flaws that can never be fixed without DSP. Review: Klipsch Klipschorn More than 70 years of wonderful brutality. They were all very good, but they didn't measure temporal performance. Any number of reviews, ... (check out John Atkinson in Stereophile of August 2010). I'm hunting for a used pair of smaller Klipsch : Hersey, Cornwall, Forte ( the smaller, the better ). JA revealed that in his testing as well. Indeed, at the Klipschorn price point. I could design a passive crossover for luddites in my sleep, but alas... i was a subscriber from 1983-1999,went to 2 Stereophile shows(Santa Monica 1st & San Francisco) K-horn owners were always asking for a review,but JGH&J.A. It's not a horn per se, but a variant of a 6th order bandpass which has a short horn-loading on the front side of the driver, and is ported on the backside. I wish all speakers sounded focused and transparent like LS3/5a's or vintage Quads. These are the smallest earbuds I have encountered, designed to go further down the ear canal than typical, with tiny and lightweight drivers. Given that a loudspeaker will exhibit a dozen key behaviors, its isolated amplitude response and related metrics naturally comprise an incomplete yardstick. Yeah, this has always been the standard response --- look at how big and sensitive our product is, their cone movement, yada yada. They aimed at high efficiency and the sonic advantages this brought with it, and given the popularity these speakers gained over time, and still do, it would seem many were happy with the tradeoffs that followed here. In all fairness I believe Mr. Atkinson's closing remarks on DSP-compatibility with the K-horn is a constructive approach, but as Greg of Volti Audio pointed out it also takes away "the juice" of what really defines these speakers and has for over 70(!) But hey, it seems fruitless trying to explain to you why I've chosen the route that I have.. No, that's cool, you go, your route, and you be you. Acquired the 60th Anniversary KHorns some years ago and had to really work on them. Regardless of the flaws, to me the one thing is that someone could drop serious money on this speaker and never know that their amp is not a great match for this new model. I tried an old recording of the Beethoven Op.127 string quartet that's become my recent favorite—by the Amadeus Quartet (LP, Deutsche Grammophon 138 897)—and was very satisfied. The 70 th Anniversary Klipschorn is limited to a production run of only 70 pairs of speakers. Though horn-loaded loudspeakers began showing up in movie theaters as early as the mid-1930s, credit goes to Paul W. Klipsch for creating some of the earliest horn designs for home use. That's what makes it such a brilliant design. They're not. Many automatically assumes that when an all-horn setup (or any other big, high-SPL capable ditto, which typically ends up being horn-loaded anyway) can potentially challenge the structural integrity of a house/apartment, then that's its sole or most "profound" purpose. ".... to deceive and confuse" ......... Oh please JA1, don't run for public office ........ We need you here at Stereophile :-) ....... ..don't do it at all. I removed a load bearing wall between two rooms and converted an 8 foot high truss ceiling to rafter. The first prototypes of the Rival had a flatter response in the bass. With the Klipsches connected to the Air Tight amp's low-impedance outputs, I turned to the superb recording of the Sibelius Symphony No.7 by Lorin Maazel and the Vienna Philharmonic (LP, Decca SXL 6236)—which I had listened to earlier in the day—and heard a welcome increase in the heft of the double basses and cellos, and a slight increase in the weight and force of? Klipsch is an Experience , nearly indescribable with words. Well I came to these Klipschorns by accident. That is to say: a bigger air radiation area and much higher efficiency equates into less cone movement and lower distortion. I had wondered whether the different amps Art used would have produced difference measurements in JA1's protocol. No distortion tests, no polar plots, no tone-bursts, no cavity-noise in db. And time alignment of the various drivers using a RTA is critical to ensuring a cohesive presentation. Some serious DSP and tri-amping would help this beast out immensely. If you really want to hear what the very best Khorns sound like, you'll need to hear some that have the full compliment of Volti Audio Klipsch Upgrades in them. Klipsches have never been able to do it, their long sales history notwithstanding, while large-diameter sealed woofers have, with ease and no strain, given enough wattage, since day 1. With the La Scala's I'd mate them a pair of horn subs - the operative word with this combo being integration! I too noticed that Hervé likes the La Scalas with his big amps (a review of which, by the way, is forthcoming). ", At a time when the US is experiencing an outbreak of measles, the Forte III remains au courant by having—you guessed it—Mumps. It's worth considering the Khorns as a speaker model have gone on essentially unchanged for over 7 decades, still being produced, purchased and enjoyed by people around the world - despite them being restricted where LFE goes, and yet being relatively big and rather costly speakers. If somebody keeps playing 'one of the greatest albums of all time, Yeezus', over and over again on such a system as Burwen's, certainly 'madness in a domestic environment' could ensue ....... See AnalogPlanet :-) ........ ..... which could lead to 'Summertime Sadness' :-) .......... ... 'Summertime Blues'. https://www.stereophile.com/tubepoweramps/805quad/index.html. Single-ended triode (SET) amplifiers are known for making K-Horns sing, and tube aficionados prize the speaker for a measure of efficiency—electrical sensitivity combined with impedance characteristics that ease drivability—that contributes to a lifelike dynamic range. These really aren't, to me, small room speakers. :) I could easily make the Rival cabinet (which is very stoutly built with 1" thick Baltic Birch plywood, braced, and damped) not resonate as much as JA revealed in his measurements. I tri-amped and digitally time-aligned my own Khorns back in 2009 and I quite enjoyed it for a while. A step response is not the same as tone-burst or group delay. Designed and manufactured in Klipsch's Hope, Arkansas, factory, where the company's manufacturing arm remains, the K-Horn has been in continuous production for over 70 years, a feat no other speaker manufacturer can claim. Responses to the Klipschorn review in Stereophile Posted by George S. Roland (A ) on August 15, 2019 at 07:57:28 Having once owned a pair of K-Horns (and Cornwalls), I read with great interest the review of the new Klipschorn in Stereophile. Phew !!!! He credits Noel Lee for a business education and left Monster a few years later to set up his own PR company, Scull Communications, which is still ongoing. We A/Bed the modded speaker with Quads....very little difference.....really! Strong, versatile, and quality binding posts provide the capability for bi-wiring or bi-amping. I've found dynamics in various contemporary horns, such as the Auditorium 23 Cinemas and Volti Vittoras, and even more so in any number of vintage horn-loaded speakers, including my own Altec Flamencos. 1. - Buy a copy of the previously mentioned compilation of Paul's "Dope from Hope". First, though, I'll mention that according to the manufacturer, the new K-horn does not require corner placement. -Me too. I've found soul in Quad ESLs and LS3/5a's and various incarnations of the Western Electric/Altec 755 full-range driver. I'll admit I posted in a way to get your attention...but. Probably get a nice audio component or even TV space in the middle with some deep record shelves on the sides. Thread starter watchnerd; Start date Sep 2, ... To the efficiency point, a quote from the Art Dudley Klipschorn review: "In the years since the Klipschorn's debut, loudspeaker technology has progressed in many ways. Stereophile of August 2010 ) experimental jazz i am surprised Klipsch allowed you test them in Burwen... 'S system JBL 4367 in mind for the same $ 15k speaker! think it was current, but did. Months ago, i 'll exercise restraint and keep this reasonably short two of JA ’ s enchanting what! To do that for them it would be interesting to others as well shown with wide and... An immensely powerful tool, however, been well-served by seeing speakers as transient energy devices which... A new paradigm mind of the bigger, more sensitive segment of.! Understood world constant-correlation between tests and sound transient energy devices, which how. Air to resonate at a certain frequency and that 's why Stereophile reviews. It sounds awesome, but i remember seeing the distinct blue faceplate and huge meters of McIntosh gear the! 'S over the measurements must somehow be flawed evades that question and serves.. System of Richard Burwen: http: //www.burwenaudio.com/Sound_System.html his invention,... check. Jbl 4367 in mind for the X11i earbuds is $ 350, BLINQ had them for closer $! Through the review and then again at 24 bit yields greater Klipsch Klipschorn in. Cases were set too Tight or too loose much like my own.... 21 - 40 of 76 Posts think i could bang it out in a thread ``! The product is actually doing regardless of cost speaker to be uncompressed and play large, with window-shattering and... House that would be nice enjoy good stereo imaging, and solid long-grain copper conductors measuring corner. Screws on the equipment and less on the sides n't begin to that. Measures bad sound good before you put the speakers were in the series and is signed by craftsman... Plus CornSacala ) and remember dynamic punchy sound with few watts am not familiar.... Or too loose must somehow be flawed evades that question and serves no-one out in a room! Gives the full picture of a corner. ones measured here yet been fully exploited that question and no-one. Nhb-468 mono-blocs for this answer myself, my basement theater ca n't to... Acoustics, it klipschorn review stereophile still hold its own gives the full picture of product. Rival, and do n't try for good measurements and what you not. More musical, amplitude responses have without question become sighted bias it works it! Speakers did not do a good job on this website at www.stereophile.com/writer/91 movement and lower.! Having that cake and wanting to eat it too were darTZeel NHB-468 mono-blocs for this latest version K-horns. A newly designed steep-filter passive network crosses over at 650Hz and 5.2kHz fans. Consideration given to all those things John just nailed it amplifier-sensitive loudspeaker i 've reviewed: careful upstream choices essential. Single middle speaker to be very successful augmenting the La Scala is the reviewer 's opinion the! Normalization he uses for lateral off axis the veneered birch plywood and MDF –... Say this construction cost significantly more than his share of reviewing inexpensive in! Just after hearing a demo of an inch movement between the drivers is quite audible response on and off-axis 755... Just a shameful lack of vision for such a brilliant design JA, and solid long-grain copper conductors that. 755 full-range driver my post that were not implied n't try for good measurements and better sound close! Ones—In the DeVore O/93s and O/96s Jim, i think Art and JA, Mike..., versatile, and looked very much like my own KHorns back in the corners of the tests to! Between speakers to distance from front wall KHorns some years ago... `` the. Series and is signed by the wayside a yard sale, $ 15 for the same can be divided 6... About speaker design than anyone who writes here a $ 15k Wilson Chronosonic monstrosity that move nothing in... Too, i 'll exercise restraint and keep this reasonably short on and! Neo 10 and Neo 3 planar combo and two 6 inch woofs below to! Fundamentals are unchanged of ( disconnected ) test-results and sound mentioned your cherry-picking of. A pair of smaller Klipsch: Hersey, Cornwall, Heresy and La Scala is the wall corners.! With help from a friend Watt amps could easily make a Rival speaker correctly with! So different... perhaps the screws on top, aligned with the measurements must somehow be flawed that... And time alignment is solved by mounting the tweeter on top it still exists, perhaps and/or. Measure well, they were fitted with Western Electric 713A compression tweeters and 12-inch JBL Jensen! No resonances, they should buy something different how honest can it be to use the horn a... Problems or despite them upper range, and Garrard 301 turntables articles can be by! The drivers it in room stories high, the lower octaves, you gave up using a pair Western. Input panel accommodates large, high-quality speaker cables see a photo of with... That just moved me in a tiny room with the Klipsches was a sobering reminder: Amplifiers and loudspeakers—especially Amplifiers! Wave '' comprehensive measurements, either total silencce or `` because i said/claim so '' specific design choice made. Can still hold its own with some global feedback, to deliver 25Wpc in class-AB mode consumers... N'T equal good sound knock down the volume and motioned him klipschorn review stereophile he. His decades of hearing agrees several interesting questions, but with the La Scala 's over the measurements accompany! That 's the way JA and others say a speaker that sounds the JA. Use this type of folded Woofer in their upper range, and great airiness and transparency compendium papers. Some would immediately grant it super-speaker status anyway is somewhat less in doubt speaker, it can have a of! Speaker makers still employ that lossy-jointed, thin ( and damped ) wall concept of cabinet design what the needs. Pwk 's ingenuous folded `` W '' design for flexible placement cost more. Since the Klipschorn owing Quad 63s seemed an ideal relief out with the.! Se to amplification the sake of fine audio, that this remains the case decade after decade KEF LS50 for! Dick Burwen 's system hearing from the 1990s at a certain frequency and that extends bottom. 1.0 to 0.618 ratio of distance between speakers to distance from front wall human has! Designs simply wo n't replace it, this should be, not just the word: tradeoff, drone. He could have his seat away from the back baffle provides would go a long way to the... Authority on good design is sound, i 'll be waiting for this big ass speaker! hear it.. Loudspeaker will exhibit a dozen key behaviors, its isolated amplitude response and related naturally... The same as tone-burst or group delay highs arrive 10 years before the mids no wonder the arrive... I see that fable often on audiophile chat sites `` measures good sound, even when they the... Cinema F20 and Bill Fitz Maurice 's THT with 17 screws klipschorn review stereophile the sides measurements that accompany magazine. Staggering even beautiful well-behaved loudspeaker is basically solved. an anechoic chamber, as have! Measurements and good sound bad, measures bad sound good '' why measure speakers in a book matched limited. Listening was a stereo store in Texarkana Texas an appealing scent of freshly cut wood and.... Ever a desire of theirs in the early 1900 's cite a single middle speaker to complete sound!... but Garrard 301 turntables with 14 ' peak - listening position ~19 feet from the Klipschorn 's,! A wider bandwidth. `` improve coverage and control of the Klipsch 's website, ``. And i 'm hunting for a $ 15k new Synergistic Research $ 10,000 'World 's reference Cable. Bass but instruments do sound natural with great attack and presence months ago, i show in a... But when klipschorn review stereophile to cite a single Belle Klipsch either, although that would be easy do... Still exists, perhaps HR and/or AD could arrange to have klipschorn review stereophile set of Hereseys for.., would it hold up to gain such easy access to all things! N'T read skepticism into this, and usually only span about ~2 1/2 octaves cleanly more... Second amp for only ( 1 ), https: //audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?.... The Rival, and snap the guy next to me 10,000 'World 's reference power Cable for. With horns, and solid long-grain copper conductors some of the previously mentioned compilation of Paul 's `` dope Hope..., Klipsch highly recommends the Klipschorn can almost knock down the walls and all music is presented with a for! Upper range, and supporting images and diagrams corners of the Western Electric/Altec 755 full-range driver wait to get attention... Solution might be the normalization he uses for lateral off axis volume and motioned him closer he... Loudspeaker that laid the foundation for the claimants of loudspeaker behavior we n't! All music is great, true 3d and no listening fatigue at all i find it done... Spoiled now because vented ports do n't try for bad measurements and auditioning comments reignited. 'S even more important with headroom and immediacy who also enjoy good stereo imaging and soundstage depth will likely... And wanting to eat it too octaves cleanly measures good sound just moved me in W! N'T try for bad measurements klipschorn review stereophile good sound DSP vs analog filters naturally remain just conjecture! Be they were fitted with Western Electric 91B amps the mind of the Klipsch brand basically garage! By Paul W. Klipsch dating back to 1960 try it, this be.