This Strengths Spotting group activity aims to help participants identify and recognize psychological or character strengths in both themselves and others. Gather the ingredients necessary for group members to work together to create a meal or snack that everyone can enjoy. Students take turns pretending, while the other students guess what they are acting out. Subscribe to our weekly email for the latest posts and resources from Confident Counselors. Finally, help group members see how much these NUTS and ANTS infiltrate their thoughts. Considering the evidence, which possibility is more likely: that they are true, or that they are false? Interaction based on similar experiences is just one way in which group therapy differs from couples therapy. A grandparent shows up at school and wants to share concerns about a student with you. Making the first step – Your first group therapy session together is already an initial step in the right direction. Wow! Roger Gold, These are really useful info at finger tips!! According to the New York Daily News, a study performed by Carnegie Mellon University concluded that reported stress levels have increased 30% in the last three decades, with women, adolescents, and low income Americans having the most symptoms. This article is chock full of activities, exercises, worksheets, and techniques that can be put to effective use in group therapy. Love your post a lot! With these quick and easy group counseling activities, your counseling groups will never have to be delayed due to lack of prep. To the Lead .. you have a pack of wolves working on the team keep them together 🙂 have a great rest of the week. A group setting is a perfect place for people suffering from depression or anxiety to connect with others, practice important social skills, and learn healthy coping strategies from one another. Checking in with what you’re going to say, both in a rational and an emotional sense. Well written article especially the ice breaker and activities section. Play up the mystery for extra laughs, e.g. Your email address will not be published. Psychoeducational Handouts, Quizzes and Group Activities The following handouts and worksheets are from my Tips and Tools for the Therapeutic Toolbox series by mental heath publisher, PESI. You will set the timer so they can start talking—ask them to take it slow and be genuine, practicing the three steps outlined above. Very useful guide, thank you! For example: You can’t get much easier with this group counseling activity! This activity can help them find new, healthy ways to cope. See here and here for examples of rules and guidelines for different types of group therapy. The American Psychological Association notes another important benefit of group therapy: diversity. Hey Raquel, I’m so glad to hear you enjoy this, and that you’re sharing it will your colleagues! You can find this worksheet at the link above. Roxanne, Hi Courtney. In this icebreaker, participants are asked to organize themselves into smaller groups based on a category, such as favorite color, favorite food, number of siblings, etc. You will also find different interventions, exercises, meditations, and more in our Positive Psychology Toolkit. Is there something you don’t enjoy about this group session? It can also be used as a textbook for therapy students or a resource for practicing therapists who wish to add group therapy to their practice. Icebreakers. Take a pledge. Some of them will only be appropriate or effective in specific groups or situations, but some will be useful for all types of groups. Joyful Memory Group therapy can be divided into different types of groups. This activity will help group members learn how to set positive, achievable goals and, immerse them in the experience of working toward them. (2019). What kind of tone do you want to create through the check-in? program working on an assignment for group counseling, I thank you for the information you have.i have to propose a new group counseling session for a clinic and would like to know if you have any more tips, ideas, or additional resources I could use for this assignment thanks again. Or maybe you have time to plan, but no funding to purchase curricula or group counseling activities. In The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, Irvin D. Yalom outlines the key therapeutic principles that have been derived from self-reports from individuals who have been involved in the group therapy process:1 1. Thank you for the informative discussion about group therapy! Write a statement (or multiple statements) on the sheets of paper and have the students move around & write their answers. Group therapy is used to guide clients through the process of gaining insight about themselves, others, and the world around them. Another student is crying because he misses his mom. Voila! Through introspective and practical exercises, you are able to identify problematic perspectives and behaviors that stand in the way of mutually beneficial, satisfying social relationships. Excellent and comprehensive! If you are working with members that don’t jump at the chance to speak in front of the group, having a specific set of questions to guide the check-in process can be helpful. No member should include her name on the writing assignment. ), You and Me (for example: Can you describe a time when your partner was proud of your relationship? Great resources and topics for group sessions, Thank you, It is a very usefull article, I learned a lot from it. Each group has a different foundation and goal. How much time do you have for the check-in? Students take turns shooting a basket. Thanks again Ok, so this name leaves a lot to be … Would you use any of these activities in your practice? Find the Strengths Spotting Worksheet here. Generally, in my experience in recovery circles, our topics are surrender, resentments, forgiveness, social outlets, what makes a good friend. Next, this box leads to a triangle labeled “Schema.” This is where the clients should write down the schema they hold, such as “I am not good enough.”. I wish I could help, but I think a licensed mental health professional should answer that question – I’m just not qualified! So much information. Is there something new that has happened in your life recently? Getting them started with the tactical aspects of the goal-setting process. Origami: Young kids love folding paper. Through the process and discussion group leaders are encouraged to incorporate the interpersonal group process into conversations about acceptance, mindfulness, and values. Depending on your group topic, perhaps they share a feeling word, coping skill, family memory, etc. Registration Number: 64733564 If there is an odd number of members, the therapist can pair with a member to make it even. Group therapy has a long, rich history in the field of mental health, peppered with names like Rogers, Bion, Lewin, and Yalom.A few decades ago people spoke of … Group Process Activities. End the 10-15 minute exercise with a discussion. Seeing people who are coping or recovering gives hope to those at the beginning of the process. Once a few minutes have passed, they can write them on the paper or whiteboard. The life of a process group from the beginning to the end parallels different developmental stages of growth and maturity. With these quick and easy group counseling activities, your counseling groups will never have to be delayed due to lack of prep (who has prep time anyway?) very very helpful a “concise manual” of group therapy! I have a Nerf hoop in my office, but you can use a trash can, recycle bin, storage basket… you get the idea. Goal Identification – What is it that your group seeks to address, resolve, or deal with? You can take it a step further by processing the charade or problem after each turn and having the group generate solutions. Specially in conducting group therapy and ideas for it. This Goal Visualization activity can help facilitate goal-directed behavior in group members by: Essentially, goal visualization is mental imagery of the participant’s desired positive future, whether that relates to the goal achievement itself or simply to the process of working toward it. Split your larger group into smaller groups of between 3 and 5 teens. Topics include CBT, anger management, self-esteem, relaxation, stress management, addictions, and more. Group therapy activities help them cope up with this not being ‘normal’ state. I use a musical hot potato, but again, you could use anything that you have handy in your office as the item to pass. Nina W. Brown, EdD, professor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, stated for the American Psychological Association (APA), “Group therapy … I’m a student at Oxnard college in an ADS. In a recent study, researchers “set out to … This step is about drawing connections between the ideas they can see. Topics include CBT, anger management, self-esteem, relaxation, stress management, addictions, and more. Types and Functions of Group Therapy Activities. A few of these activities are described below. Your participants will now have a completed gratitude map that can be hung anywhere they choose. This is a crowd pleaser. Working with a group can help clients see things from a new perspective, which may illuminate new ways to take on old problems and new strategies to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable (American Psychological Association, 2019). If you are looking for ideas to enrich your own art-making or to help teens and adults in art therapy, consider exploring more process art. Have they ever challenged these thoughts? Examples of trust-building activities that can be used with teens and adolescents include: Pair off the group members. The lower the barrier to entry in group activities the better. Whatever type of group therapy you attend, the general rules will likely be the same. While many of the activities and exercises mentioned above can be applied to individuals with any diagnosis or issue that brings them to therapy, there are some that can be especially effective for those with depression or anxiety. The remainder of an ACT group looks much like traditional group therapy. Again, if you don’t have feelings posters, you can write feeling words or draw quick emotions faces. This activity can spark some great discussion and encourage positive social interaction between group members, so make sure not to cut it off too early. Everybody has something to share with others, and helping others has a funny way of helping you as well (Cherry, 2017). If you want to capitalize on the atmosphere facilitated by group cooking, you can come up with discussion questions to guide the group afterward. Art therapy usually involves techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpting, collaging, and other types of crafts that help create more inner self-awareness , understanding, and … I especially enjoyed the section on icebreakers and activities. The responses are always fascinating! For example, if a client feels they will never be good enough, perhaps this schema came from a parent who gave no praise for a big accomplishment or told the child they didn’t do well enough. Burns finds that these ANTS can cause depression and anxiety and lead to low self-esteem, self-doubt, and a host of other problems. To break through denial, have each group member write a short story of how she began using drugs, including all details leading up to her referral or entrance into the substance abuse group therapy process. The long list of reasons that a therapy group may be formed includes: In groups formed around substance abuse, discussion topics may include: Blake Flannery (2014) outlines seven major categories of discussion topics and provides suggestions for each category. Each person directs the scene, casting group... 3. I am a Rehab day coordinator for a mental health facility. Professionals who use the content should not practice Do you ever find yourself in need of quick and easy group counseling activities? this could be a great help to my clients and agents. I am in search of daily activities for our clients who are there from 8:30 am-3:00 PM. Group therapy can be divided into different types of groups. If they make it, they can celebrate with a dance or an action chosen by you. Thanks for sharing. Navigation. It can also generate a lot of laughs! While negative feelings such as guilt are not exclusive to those with a diagnosis of depression or anxiety, those suffering from these disorders often have the most trouble confronting those feelings. It can be far too easy to believe that we are the only ones struggling and suffering from mental health or emotional problems, but this is far from the truth. Share it below! Without beautiful group counseling plans and resources, what will you do? Or maybe you have time to plan, but no funding to purchase curricula or group counseling activities. You will get an idea of the atmosphere of a group therapy session with adolescents and a model of effective facilitation from the two therapists. Specially in conducting group therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Basic Group for Depression Group Information Group Topics: Depression and CBT 101 (1stweek of each month) Begin to understand your depression and what you can do about it using CBT skills. While some of these principles may apply to individual therapy, most of them require a group setting. Thank you, It is a very usefull article, I learned a lot from it. Read more about this Silent Gratitude Mapping activity. Everyone eats, and virtually everyone likes to talk about their favorite foods. Thank you. Psychotherapy: Understanding group therapy. Provide each student with paper and a writing utensil, and ask them to write down things or qualities that make them special or unique. NUTS refers to Negative Unconscious Thoughts, an acronym created by Goldstein and described in his book Uncovering Happiness. As the natural cycles of the … It will be addressed … Come to the group session with a list of questions prepared. Groups can be further broken down by discussion topics and the structure of the group itself. Disclaimer: The content on My Group Guide is intended to be used as an aid for mental health professionals, but not as a replacement for therapy or other treatments. There are many different kinds of groups with different areas of focus, but they generally fall into one of two categories: 1) Psychoeducational – These groups are intended to provide members with the information they need to address or cope with whatever it is that brought them to the group; they are usually structured with specific topics or modules to cover. Group therapy is commonly used in the treatment of people with depression and anxiety. Thanks a lot. How do you feel about coming here each week? To continue the exercise, encourage the participants to swap roles and repeat the activity. All members get in a circle and take the hand of someone who is not right next to them, then try to unravel the knot they have created without letting go of anyone’s hand. Flannery, B. Some of the most common therapy groups include: The number of participants in a group therapy session also depends on the type of group but can range from only three or four people to twelve or more (although more than twelve participants may not be as effective). Where else might you have been at this moment if you hadn’t come to this group session today? The general tone and direction of the group therapy session will vary depending on the type of group. Can they find evidence for or against the ANTS and NUTS? Is this a group that is familiar with check-ins and has been meeting together regularly? TIPS stands for Treatment Ideas & Practical Strategies. more power to the leaders and the team involved within . Cooking is perfect for this type of activity since it gets members working together, doing something fun, and it requires interaction with the other members of the group. Below we have compiled 24 tips, activities and exercises that hopefully can be used to help find some effective ways to start the process … Everyone writes down their deepest, darkest fear on a piece of paper. The final part of this three-day writing therapy covers Lessons Learned, which includes prompts and questions such as “What kind of future behaviour would demonstrate that you learned this lesson?”. You could do this quick group activity a couple of ways. Many groups are open, meaning new members may … 🙂, You’re welcome, Mary! Allow people adequate time to write then, if the group is comfortable enough, time to share what they wrote about. In addition to specific topics for discussion in group therapy, there are many other activities and exercises that can be conducted effectively in groups. For participants, there are many reasons why group therapy is a treatment worth considering. A few of these exercises and worksheets are listed below. Whether you’re a therapist who already facilitates group therapy, a mental health professional who is looking to incorporate group sessions into your practice, or simply curious about group therapy, you will find value in these resources. It’s a great assessment activity as it provides insight into student values, family dynamics, etc. Students don’t mind because it’s so fun! No spam, ever. Give them five minutes or so to write down three “facts” about them, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. Students walk around the circle while music plays (again, internet-based music to the rescue), and when it stops, they sit in the closest chair. Thanks for the great insights, this is really valuable. On Day One, the focus is Reflection on what is underpinning those shameful or guilty feelings. It includes 150 activities, handouts, and strategies that can be used in group therapy. Students take turns sharing and explaining more about why they think they’d have that feeling for the scenario. This activity requires group members to physically interact with each other, so it may not be appropriate for all groups. I hope you have found this article as informative and useful as I found researching it. Change this activity to meet other group topics by requesting that students act out something about families or a friendship problem. Typically, group sessions are held once or twice a week for one or two hours per session. Thanks Adeleke! Check out another post: 10 Ways to Make Small Groups Terrific! It is intended for a child to complete, and the results can be discussed as a family to facilitate understanding and come up with solutions for family problems. They are a form of group therapy that is available free of charge all over the world, with no membership requirements other than the desire to lead a life free of substance abuse.. ), The Future (for example: How does your partner describe their ideal life? If the statement is true for everyone, so everyone is standing up, they can have a 5-second dance party. However, the more a client pushes themselves to engage, the more likely they are to benefit from the session. This exercise aims to elicit the cathartic benefits of expressive writing therapy, a popular positive coping intervention that was developed in the 1980s. Group Therapy. I love the simplicity of the language and content-easy to understand. Thank you so much, sharing with colleges for sure. First, as a therapist and facilitator, you will inform the group about the rationale for a Mindful Speaking exercise—its benefits in relation to whatever your session concerns, and how it can be broken down into three steps. (2017, January 11). Flip the sheet over and invite them to draw or paint a picture of this animal in its habitat on the back. These pieces of paper are gathered and placed in a hat. Gandhiplein 16 As those around listen to the story, they can make notes on any strengths in the worksheet provided. Next, invite the participants to check out what other participants have written. Students draw in who or what they’re bringing and then share their islands with the group. You must also prioritize your group's needs according to the appropriate length of treatment. It will help teens to get more comfortable interacting with each other and learn something new about the other members. Other standard group activities for substance use disorders are typically discussions of personal … Hmmm… that’s a tough question! Privacy Policy. What is your favorite thing about yourself, something that makes you feel positive and proud to be you? Universality… 2) Planned: in other cases, the therapist may have a set agenda for the meeting with planned activities and skill-building exercises for group members to engage in (Cherry, 2017). This is another quick and easy group activity that is effective and brings a lot of giggles! Courtney Ackerman, MSc., is a graduate of the positive organizational psychology and evaluation program at Claremont Graduate University. Even if a client feels that nobody cares about their problems or they have nothing useful to share with the group, chances are this is not consistent with reality. There isn’t a specific topic for each group session, but some of the groups may be focused on a particular theme or the group may be target to specific group of individuals (e.g., women, men, or older students). Now, I’m not going to lie to you. Gestalt therapy demonstration with Steve Vinay Gunther. Here’s how it works: make a statement about anything (really, anything). Art therapy is the safe, creative, and therapeutic process of expressing your inner thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences through any form of art. When students catch the ball, whatever activity or question the right thumb touches is the one they do. Taking a course on group therapy or group dynamics provides essential background on group development, conflict and how to address it in groups, as well as how to foster group cohesion, identify and repair ruptures, and deal with diversity in groups, says Marmarosh. On the left side of the worksheet is a box labeled “Event.” The clients should think hard about when they first developed a particular schema and trace it back to the event that created it. Thx for doing the work putting this together. Types of therapeutic groups. Tell the members to share these creations with the rest of the group, and prepare for a silly discussion! Two sentences? You will learn about the foundations of this model, the necessary skills required to facilitate this type of therapy, and a brief overview of the approach. Triggers. Easy Group Counseling Activity #2: Stand Up, Sit Down Activity. This cognitive therapy worksheet can help clients trace the development of a particular schema and understand the subsequent reactions, sensations, and choices he or she makes. They are simple to implement, they’re fun, and they help participants to begin engaging with the group in ways that feel safe. Feel free to download and use this About Your Partner Worksheet. Checking back in after speaking, tuning your awareness into the impact of your chosen words on yourself and on others. Strategies for Counseling in Group Therapy. I learned a lot from it! Your email address will not be published. Orenstein, B. W. (2014, November 25). If you’re short on time and just want a quick update, using “say a few words on…” may be the better option. However, not always may a patient respond to such a conventional therapy. If they miss, they answer a question related to group content. This schema leads to a set of four interrelated and interacting consequences of the schema: bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. One of the most significant substance abuse group topics is triggers. A lot can be learned by how they express emotions with different body movements and gestures, or other characterizations. Psychosocial benefits of cooking interventions: A systematic review. 8 Substance abuse group topics for addiction treatment counselors. They should read out loud each strength that they’ve identified and why they chose it, then give the card to the speaker. ANTS refers to Automatic Negative Thoughts, an acronym coined by David Burns in his groundbreaking book Feeling Good. Please keep the power rolling out . Great informative article! Thank you very much having me this materials. The directions instruct the child to fill in the blank “When I feel…” with a specific emotion. When they hear the magic words of “Q and Q,” for quickly and quietly, they will get up and quickly and quietly move to that feeling. The best discussion topics will depend on the focus of the group, the stage of treatment, and the type of session. This book enjoys a very positive 4.4 rating on Amazon, and boasts a litany of appreciative reviews. These questions should be fun and interesting questions that will help the members get more comfortable talking about themselves. Icebreakers for Group Therapy Tuesday, December 1, 2020. When used often, icebreakers can encourage students to participate more in discussions by prompting them to speak in response to low stakes prompts and can foster the development of an inclusive environment as students get to know one another. Trust is a very important group therapy topic, since it helps build confidence in the participants and helps them in cultivating new relationships. Allow a reflective moment after the three minutes are up. It begins with a visualization script that guides the group members through the visualization itself. Examples of Group Therapy Activities. This group is an essential part of the recovery process. This can be a great discussion for group members, helping them to explore their thoughts and feelings in a fun and easy way. Taxation (VAT) Number: NL855806813B01, I have. Through introspective and practical exercises, you are able to identify problematic perspectives and behaviors that stand in the way of mutually beneficial, satisfying social relationships. You get the idea. Ideal group size: Up to 15 people. This book is an excellent book for those who wish to learn about Yalom’s signature group psychotherapy model. Encounter Groups – These groups aim to immerse members in potentially uncomfortable and intense group situations in the hopes of provoking greater change than a typical therapy group. What is Music Therapy and How Does It Work? perhaps a reference to the American Group psychotherapy association ( would also be helpful to the reader. Group therapy activities are an informal way of helping people who are victims of unstable minds. Copyright text 2018 by Confident Counselors. Talking is a basic way of expressing feelings, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. To learn more about this exercise, we recommend Judith Belmont’s book 150 More Group Therapy Activities & TIPS, which will be described in more detail below. Art. We seriously love your comment 🙂. It’s easy to picture: it’s Monday morning and you have a list of group counseling activities and plans to print, but there’s a long line at the copier. This activity is fantastic to build group rapport, to assess student interests or family dynamics. — you decide). When the child has this new thought in mind, they fill in the same three boxes, except these are on the right side. It allows participants to share something about themselves, use their creativity and imagination to come up with a convincing lie, and learn interesting things about the other group members. The process of sharing personal information with the group and learning from others’ stories is the foundation of a successful group therapy session. In subsequent sessions (in closed groups) or in every session (in open groups), members may also share their progress and any updates since the previous group meeting. Group therapy can be a helpful supplement to individual therapy. Psychodrama – This unique type of group therapy is based on members acting out significant portions of their life. For those who have decided to be proactive in seeking help, group therapy activities offer a great coping mechanism. I have a, Students take turns shooting a basket. Think about things you want to know about the group, and make a statement about it. Similar to the Feelings Walk, I use. 6229HN Maastricht This extremely simple exercise simply divides members into pairs and requires them to look into each other’s eyes for 60 seconds. Many of those struggling with depression or anxiety will turn to unhealthy, unhelpful, or even harmful ways to cope. They should ideally be taking note all the while of the impact they are having on their listener partner. This worksheet contains guided reflection and (potentially) discussion questions that you can provide the speaker, for instance, “How did it feel to speak mindfully compared to how you normally speak?”. What is Evidence-Based Therapy: 3 EBT Interventions, 20 Positive Psychotherapy Exercises, Sessions and Worksheets, 7 Interesting Science-Based Benefits of Psychotherapy, 19 Narrative Therapy Techniques, Interventions + Worksheets [PDF], 21 ACT Worksheets and Ways to Apply Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, What is Positive Psychotherapy? 2. 10. This activity can be particularly effective for group therapy that targets trauma or helps anxious people deal with stressful life events. Visualization: You are lost at sea on a stormy night. On this site, you’ll find numerous articles on goal-setting to help you get your first group session on track. As uncomfortable as it may sound, sometimes sharing difficult thoughts and feelings in a group setting can be extremely helpful in facilitating healing. You could tape up large pieces of paper to the wall (there’s something really appealing about writing on the wall), or you could use an interactive board if you are lucky enough to have one in your office.