It isn't really clear. So, on a bit of a just wandering journey through Boston I noticed something sticking out of the water to the east. Also, no quests from settlements, since we know that we all feel compelled to complete those. You must, for the good of the Vault and all of The Commonwealth, track down Ashes the cat. Speak to the ghoul and complete the Fallout 4 Submarine quest by helping him sent the Yangtze back home. I guess after figuring out that the potted meat is made out of ghouls you might have the kind of mental trauma that only a dose of Psycho can repair. So the quest is called Mystery Meat. Every single Fallout game has been ridiculously huge. After a bit of casual murder of some Raiders that are guarding the room the machine is contained in, she'll be good as new and now somehow even more boring! Enjoy! The Commonwealth has no shortage of people clearly dependant on the stuff, and if you aren't careful, you wind up just like them. This is my latest dungeon, there i was testing how do create a quest and new retextured items/objects. Imagine the point in the main quest where you have now become an enemy of The Institute (and if you sided with the institute, what is wrong with you?!) After saving Vault 81 from weird mole rat shenanigans, Bobby De Luca will be actively destroying himself with Jet. Also, one of the bottles is totally a Die Hard reference. A cool quest only revealed to those who are truly BFFs with MacReady. General Atomics definitely has a few screws loose over in the Galleria, but if you think that is bad, try heading over to their main factory. The important thing to remember is that they absolutely let you fire their cannons at Raiders. Here's what most people miss: if you leave Diamond City and return, you can actually catch their marriage going on. Keep him around long enough and do enough shady dealings to woo him and he will reward you by showing a rare moment of vulnerability. Follow Lookout to the ship and start helping out with power coils or whatever. Yeah, the thing so cool even Squidward wanted to see it. The Saddest Fallout 4 Stories. You're welcome. MacReady is something of an odd duck. From there it is your standard fare of going into places you shouldn't and killing waves of Triggermen. Everywhere you hear "treasure of the Jamaica Plains"… Share Tips and Strategies Below. All in all, this weird little amphitheater is worth checking out if only to temporarily wipe a cult out. The crew you quickly find out is entirely made of robots, and all they want is to get their sweet techno-vessel seaworthy. Edgar’s note says that a spare key to the footlocker is behind a bench in the entryway locker room - the first door on the left as you enter The Nucleus. Alternatively, you can trick him into killing himself, but you aren't that much of a psychopath yet, right? Finding the Chinese submarine in Fallout 4 is a part of the quest "Here There Be Monsters." So with all these lives being ruined by drug use, you have to take every opportunity you have to cure someone of addiction. We can all agree that the wiener on the radio of Diamond City needs to be stopped. Fun fact: if pressed for information, Charlie will reveal that the person who hired him to find a way to clean out the riff-raff is none other than Goodneighbor's own mayor, Hancock. Not knowing much about the Fallout universe before Fallout 3, was there any communications with other continents after the bombs dropped? After that, try bare-knuckle boxing a fighting robot! In speaking with her, she’ll mention Tektus offhandedly, with you can press with a bit of luck and a charisma check. At first I thought it was just rubble, but then I noticed it occasionally spun a bit. Of course, there's also the mission to make the director of the area update his software so he isn't insane, so there's tonnes to do! The ensuing adventure will lead to a submarine and an underground bunker from China. I … The USS Interference - an American submarine, mentioned in Fallout 3. VATS And You! Later, this same cult will come into play in a quest where you need to rescue an heiress from its' clutches, under new leadership, since you killed the last guy. Without giving away too much about the quest Here There Be Monsters, the sub has been kicking around in that harbor since before the nukes fell. Secondly, it involves a kid stuck in a fridge, which is so era-appropriate in a world with a 1950s aesthetic. Any outcome that doesn’t involve you lying without a speech check will end in you receiving the Inquisitor’s Cowl, a hood that increases Intelligence with radiation. Adds: Quest about finding an item for Dr. Once in the submarine, one can speak to Captain Zao who is located in the first main room. Now head back to The Vessel, and with key in hand, head down into a side room opposite the quarters of Grand Zealot Richter. These weird and awesome side quests serve to remind you that the Fallout worlds are enormous, and don't necessarily rotate around your specific narrative, there are in fact hundreds of stories taking place all around you. Turns out she is beginning to feel the limitations that come from being a robot, and she thinks that it is beginning to affect her research. It's hard to miss this one: it's a massive three-masted frigate sitting on a … You can also just give her the note back, sealing the evidence away. For those who didn't know, this little quest is issued by resident cockney robot Whitechapel Charlie, but only when you try to buy something from him. I'm not going to spoil this for you, but the ending to this quest has a surprising end to it, so if you haven't already I'd suggest finding that locked fridge. If you go check it out, you'll find a fairly gruesome scene of several soldiers having been dis-articulated. Bringing the note to Tektus will certainly spell doom for Aubert… unless you lie about her loyalties. Fallout 4: Far Harbor is an expansion pack for the 2015 video game Fallout 4, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. I guess it doesn't count as cannibalism, but there's definitely something taboo about this whole thing. I think it would be interesting to see the fallout from the other side of the war. Finding your father takes a back seat to collecting bottle caps, rescuing your stolen son plays second fiddle to you establishing new towns. After a few checks, she'll mention another pre-war ghoul living in a nearby hotel. Depending on what kind of person you are, your first instinct may have been to track down the radio station and double tap him in the head. It's become something of a trope that each game is so full of distractions that you never get to finishing the main quest, no matter how dire the consequences it may be. 14 Quality Assurance - Fallout 4 Jet can be one heck of a drug, it slows down time, it makes you as strong as a Brahmin, and it's used has a high addiction rate. The Witch Hunt quest is one of the Far Harbor Sidequests in the Far Harbor DLC. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. How scandalous! She’ll let half an outburst slip before hurriedly running away. This cute little side mission is located simply in the schoolhouse, and while it is easily completable, most people probably miss the payoff. Published on Jun 15, 2017 A Scientist needs help in retrieving some blueprints nestled deep within an abandoned SUBMARINE BASE filled with deadly creatures, and 1 GIANT BOSS. So you still check up on some of your favorite places, like Diamond City, and there's something of a crazy situation unfolding. So what do these testing facilities entail? You can't call yourself a true fan until you've seen them all! More Fallout 4 Guides. Its my Third Dungeon mod to fallout 4 This adds:-A new quest-A new Dungeon (Submarine Base Echo)-A new retextured Set of armor and cap. From Richter head east to reach the submarine, and more specifically a ladder leading into the “Vessel”. Along the way, you find out that the meat contains traces of mole rat meat to cut down on prices. Once you swim into the Yangtze, you will find a ghoul resident. Cleansing the Land is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. The quest have bugged for me so i'm going to complete it with console command but i won't get the sword if i do so I promise that if you hold off on your murderous predilections, you can be rewarded. He clearly has morals, which pop up every so often, but he also thoroughly enjoys stealing, violence and breaking into places. Beat feet to the mayor's office to find him already being harangued by security and Piper. Sometime before the Great War, the Yangtze was sent on patrol along the U.S. Atlantic coast with a payload of six strategic nuclear SLBMs and an uncertain number of tactical nuclear missiles and torpedoes. Firstly, it starts when you get close to some random fridge just south of University Point. So if you didn't befriend Nick enough for him to express what is bothering him, you haven't lived. Well, that's where it gets really bizarre. You now have a choice about how this ends. Seeing an army of Mr. Handys going about their business, showing off new models of things that don't work, running stores with no products, is both comical and sad. This quest is all based on rumor, which is a huge part of the fun. Once Ashes is returned safely, you'll be rewarded with a fusion core and the satisfying knowledge in your heart that you returned a little girl's cat to her. A new Dungeon level 30a40 Once inside, you’ll meet the inhabitant of the submarine and go on a brief fetch quest to help them with their mission, to relaunch the Yangtze and head back to China. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. She's fleshed out and thoughtful, her voice is cute with that little accent, and she has actual noble motivations. There are so many reasons to love this quest. I'm also not going to bring up any faction quests, since you can't throw a fat boy without tripping over one of those. Head to Yangtze … You can see where this is going. Ok, so it's actually a submarine, not a monster, but if a submarine in the post-apocalypse doesn't excite you, you might be dead inside. That's right, someone who wanted to avoid dying of old age exposed themselves to radiation on purpose to live forever. What's really cool about this side quest is that after its' resolution, Travis will take to the airwaves like he was born for it, filling the air with a newfound coolness. Faith is a big part of a lot of people's lives, so it makes sense that after the world ends, some new religions would pop up. Another sunken ship is found here, so head to the box on board and grab the final pieces. The General Atomics Galleria is a shopping and entertainment complex, something like a state fair or a strip mall, meant to showcase all the wonders General Atomics has to offer. This whole changing of Mayor's may get overlooked by players who put the game down upon completion of the main quest. For a brief moment, Fallout starts behaving a little like Portal. Thirdly, and most importantly, I'm next to certain this is mocking the fourth Indiana Jones movie for suggesting that a fridge would protect anyone from a nuclear blast. Doesn't sound like anything special, there are plenty of emptied out husks of former companies scattered throughout Boston. Quick, what is the coolest combination of words you can think of? I will not be listing any main quests, since everyone knows about those. He laid out a good case for Fallout 4’s revamped systems and improvements, but the writing and dialogue is such a distracting issue though. Of course, the whole thing turns out to be a scheme to steal people's stuff (surprise, surprise) so you aren't left with many options other than fight your way out. The purpose of these tests was to vaguely ascertain someone's qualifications as a caregiver, I think? I also think combing anything with robots makes them exponentially cooler, so a robot private eye is instantly too awesome to describe. It is almost due east from the Harbor Grand Hotel, so head there and swim out one more time. Robot Cannons. Yangtze is in the water, and is located east of Shamrock Taphouse, south of Boston Airport, and north of Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant. I just started the submarine quest and realized that countries other than the USA were affected by the war. As it turns out, he’s having suspicions about someone’s loyalty, but needs a newcomer to ascertain the truth. Anyone know why it is there? The note has a single name: Aubert. Welcome to the world of Fallout 4, the ambitious fourth game in the apocalyptic RPG saga. Search the bed carefully and you’ll spot a note sticking out of the side titled Edgar’s Note. The game is set in the year 2287, in the aftermath of a nuclear war that destroys most of the United States. To begin the quest, go to a pier on the east coast of the Boston Commonwealth that is … Get him to like you even more, and he will reveal that his son is dying and he needs to find the cure (what was he doing just hanging out in a bar when we met him?) Check out her bunk not far from nuclear silo - and take a few Rad-X’s while you explore, as things can get pretty nasty fast with a giant pile of waste right below her bed area. You can find a plethora of information including the following: A start to finish walkthrough with every area in between covered. It is unknown if the vessel experienced any combat prior to the Great War. So apparently there's an ongoing theme in Fallout 4 of people surviving the Nuclear Apocalypse. How did he keep it so clean after all these years? All but one of the missile… If you want to speak to her, you can usually find her performing maintenance near the nuclear silos at the back of the submarine. I'm not saying this from a place where I look down on it, I find the side quests tend to more rewarding and better written than most of the main plot. This quest is a little tricky, since it involves an in-depth conversation with Daisy in Goodneighbor. So let's establish some ground rules for how this is going to work. While you remained mostly intact due to being cryogenically frozen(against your will) other people, like the above mentioned Captain Zao, didn't fair so well. You find your pal Danny pretty much dying in the street, and he reveals that he was shot by the mayor! At Boston Harbor, a small boy named Donny weaves tales of a sea monster lurking in the bay. Submarine may refer to: The Shih-huang-ti - a Chinese submarine, from which the Shi came from; it is mentioned in Fallout 2. This technically counts as six different quests, but they are all so short and so weird, I'll just wrap them all together here for you. Everyone needs to do these amazing Fallout 4 quests. Then you have some close calls with some high-level ghouls, and the real recipe spells itself out right in front of you. Do a series of convoluted tasks, like faking a bar fight and faking a romance, and things will quickly spiral into a hostage situation, which Travis will offer to help with. Conveniently, she has heard of a pseudo-science machine that would flush everything out of her system. I'll be honest, after boarding a Robot Pirate Ship in the sky and firing its' laser cannons at a bunch of savages, even my real life pales in comparison. A rare show of tenderness in the wasteland. Another convenient cure is waiting in the wasteland, so go beat up some ghouls and find that cure! I'm probably speaking from a place of bias here since I think hard-boiled detectives with a mouth full of honey and an ear to the ground are the coolest thing since sliced bread. It's easy to overlook this one since most of it takes place underwater! So where can you get in on this sweet robo-pirate action? Travis the radio host has a singular friend in Vadim, who wants to help his spineless friend become a man. This is where The Pillars of the Community come into play. For this reason, Nick Valentine was easily the coolest thing about Fallout 4. Further investigation will reveal that the soldiers stole something that they shouldn't have, and the rightful owner is not the forgiving type. The USS Constitution. Seems like a win-win situation! When the Great War began, the Yangtze's captain obeyed his orders to fire the submarine's strategic nuclear weapons at their targets. Again, this one isn't an official quest, but it's still a hidden … Odds are a bunch of you out there came across this quest, but it isn't exactly in the way of any main storylines, so I'm certain people have probably played the entire game without seeing this area. Besides you seducing everything you come into contact with like an irradiated Captain Kirk, there aren't a lot of budding romances out there in the wasteland. Now that you've said it, throw it in the trash, because whatever you came up with wasn't Robot Pirates. Side quests are the bread and butter of the whole game, man! In a world where people would trade in your spinal column for a handful of caps, it's nice to see a group of people shed all earthly possessions so that they can live a cleaner lifestyle. The ones that might not even show up on your map, they are that bizarre. Quests that just pop up on the side of the road are the ones that immerse me the most. Like most quests worth their time, completion will net a few lofty rewards like the Backwater Rifle, Cryptochromatic Spectacles, and a massive amount of ammunition for various weapons. In a climate where everyone is fearful of synths and The Institute, it's nice to see two characters celebrate each other's differences. An early build of Fallout 4 had underwater mechanics in it. Remember the guy who sold you the idea of living in the vault that involuntarily froze you? Some adventurers may have missed this quest since it involves behaving in a way that Curie enjoys, and she's a little bit of a goodie-two-shoes. Need the ID for the sword as i can't find it. If you confront Aubert about the note, you have a few options. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Search Sister Aubert’s Bunk or Speak to Her, Report What You’ve Found to the High Confessor or Confront Aubert, Best Movie, TV and Comics of the Year Awards 2020, How To Install Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Not exactly appetizing, but this is coming from the guy who just ate a Bloatfly Slider, I'm not judging. The Witch Hunt quest is one of the Far Harbor Sidequests in the Far Harbor DLC.. At this point, the main story is pretty much wrapped up, so there is very little motivation to keep trudging around. He's incredibly handy to keep around when you can't simply get through quests by being the good guy. Afterward you can ask for more details, if you wish. So, I dove down to see what it was, and just below the surface of the water there is a damn submarine! NEEDS TO COMPLETE: Mr. Tiddles. Instead of being filled with Ghouls or Raiders, this blast from the past is actually filled with testing chambers. Well, the yellow suit is familiar, at least. Is it a part of the story later in the main questline? This quest is also super cool since the rightful owner is a mother Deathclaw, who will actually behave in a friendly manner towards you for returning something so dearly precious to her. Nobody has withheld the type of meat they are using without having a hidden agenda. So if you are wandering aimlessly through Diamond City, you might come across a guard who has some misgivings about The Museum of Witchcraft. He claims he has seen the eerie eyestalk of an underwater creature peering up from beneath the waves. Fallout 4 > General Discussions > Topic Details. After a series of speech checks convince the two that they should just go for their forbidden love. Like any good friend, you offer to help, and crush both of those ruffians into a red paste. Scattered around blown-up Boston will be bottles with messages inside them. Your reward for finding the Fallout 4 Chinese submarine and sending it back home will be 3 homing beacons that will make the Yangtze submarine launch a missile strike to the area. That should be enough of a motivation to collect these bottles. After a lengthy battle with the evil force that tore through the thieves, you have the option of trading in their ill-gotten gains, or returning it to its rightful owner. The loot is good and the fights are straightforward, so it's a fun little quest if you have a little bit of a mischief maker inside you. Turns out, the human that Nick is based on had some unresolved cases, and those memories are tearing the new Valentine up inside. If that isn't the sign of a true hero, I don't know what is. In one room you have to simply turn off a radio to deprive a "test subject" of their favorite music. While not necessarily very impactful, the mission where you clean out the Goodneighbor Warehouses can be a little tricky since you can only get it through bartering. I don't think it can be argued otherwise. Makta Dec 2, 2015 @ 10:14am ... Dec 2, 2015 @ 10:14am Looking for someone who has done the submarine quest and got the captains sword. Before you deal with Bobby's addiction, before you deal with the mole rat problem of Vault 81, you must rescue the Vault's most important dweller. 2. He’ll pass you a note, and ask that you find anything you can that might prove their guilt. Out back of the Shamrock Taphouse will be a fresh-faced youngster named Donny. Fallout 4 The Secret of Cabot House is a series of side quests in the game in which you must aid a man known as Jack Cabot. After you pull the ghoul kid out of his freon lined prison, he will want to get back to his family. That's probably what everyone's least favorite companion Cait excuse for her addiction is. This is good news since you didn't like him anyways. So inside the schoolhouse will be two teachers, Zwicky, who is something of an elderly curmudgeon who likes to give his students too many quizzes, and Edna, a handy model robot who aids in the children's education. And no DLC quests, since my articles don;t just pander to the super elite. Travel back out of The Vessel to find it. The side quest is fairly intriguing, but has a lot of fighting involved. Turns out he's been pretty heavily harassed for leaving the Gunners, and there are two guys mostly responsible for that. Time for some pilfering. He questions why the Sole Survivor is there, remarking that the war is long over and tells them that he has no treasure on board to plunder. Maybe simply creating nightmares? Being the helpful person you are, you investigate this shady business, and once the proprietor tells you to explicitly stay out of the basement, you bee-line to the basement. : Getting to know your PIPBOY. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The player has … That should make him happy, but he isn't done revealing his sad backstory. Anyways, this quest happens when you enter the tucked away little factory of Longneck Lukowski's Cannery. 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After a series of clues involving century old holotapes leading to a safe house containing a ghoulified gangster. Not only is this quest fun to pursue, with twists and plot reveals, the satisfaction you get from helping out your friend Valentine can't be beaten. No kidding, canned meats make people sick now, I can't imagine how awful it is in the post-apocalypse. Go convince him to get his act together, and now you have the option of having both brother and sister join one of your settlements. Has anything ever been called mystery meat and been a good thing? Our guide will be a complete companion while you journey through the wilds of Fallout 4. Page 1 of 2 - A submarine home/vehicle *Spoilers* - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests: I dunno about you guys but I thought the Yangtze was one of the coolest additions to Fallout 4, finally we see a relic of the Chinese military beyond cheap swords and assault rifles. If you speak to the High Confessor Tektus after his sermon when first entering The Nucleus, you can ask to help in any way you can. So if you get Cait's affection up high enough (it's next to impossible to put up with this sad sack for longer than ten minutes) she will express interest in being fixed. But you've killed plenty of giant monsters so far, so what's one more? I will always continue to reference the Chinese submarine quest as one of the bigger role playing failings. From him, you learn that there is a submarine Yangtze, which you now need to go to. If you speak to the High Confessor Tektus after his sermon when first entering The Nucleus, you can ask to … That got me thinking though, how cool would it be to have a sub as a home in the game? So, after you work on getting her affection up past 250, she will actually start to talk to you about something serious. Enter the locker room, and immediately look left to see a red bench, with a footlocker key stashed behind it. In this small storage area, look for a tiny footlocker in the corner of the room, and unlock it, and learn the truth about Edgar and Aubert. Go South-East of The Shamrock Taphouse, where behind a small building, on the marina, there is a small boy named Donny Kowalski standing on the barrier. Bethesda is well known for creating quality short stories in their games, and we've compiled 6 of what we believe to be the saddest of the bunch in Fallout 4. Well, that smooth-talking salesman is still alive and kicking, but with something of a makeover. Fine, most people know about this quest since it is pretty much shoved on you the moment you enter Vault 81, but I doubt most people put much thought into solving it without looking up a walkthrough. Alternatively, the quest can be started by simply swimming to the Yangtze . Combat details, SPECIAL explanation and general gameplay information. It will be destroyed if you complete The Velvet Curtain quest, as blowing it up is one of the objectives. Her quarters lie inside The Vessel itself, and it’s up to you whether you want to try questioning her, or skip straight to the room ransacking. What makes this place a cut above the rest is that the robotic crew that maintains the site don't know that an apocalypse happened. As far as I know, this may be the only example of the sales menu resulting in you acquiring a new quest. While that doesn't seem to be much of a reveal, what is cool is that each bottle seems to capture the last thoughts and wishes of doomed individuals. Go in, use your charm and wits to resolve the hostage situation, and the Mayor will be out of the city for good, one way or another. But like many a career junkie, she desperately wants to be cured of her chemical dependency. Finally, the third shipment of Marine Armor in Fallout 4 Far Harbor is found off the east coast, to the south. If you gave away the note and have to lie regardless, Tektus won’t exactly be pleased, and will keep the reward. You're an old softy so you don't have the heart to tell him that they are probably nuclear blast shadows by now, so you escort him home. Be warned, after playing this quest, almost all of the other quests seem unimportant by comparison. Knowing Tektus, you can give her a head start to run and get out of the cult before Tektus gets her killed one way or the other. Inside, you'll find a great number of the crew, who are very much out to kill you, and not just because they hate Capitalism. Well, that's weird. It seems like the idea of this quest was going towards one direction and then suddenly it changed (or it is just there to cause the player to think he is going to confront monsters but surprise him with a submarine...) My own conclusions are: 1. Ok, so it's actually a submarine, not a monster, but if a submarine in the post-apocalypse doesn't excite you, you might be dead inside. While not much is accomplished in this quest, it's nice to see a Familiar Face from before the world went all explode-y. (scattered around the facility with legendary mods and stats)(Male and female can use it)-Small back history about the place from prewar on 2 terminals around the dungeon. Fleeing her confines the moment the Vault doors open, it's up to you to track her down and convince her to return to the relative safety of her home. These sad stories include people who have been capsized by a huge tidal wave, people pulled out to sea by a monstrous fish, someone who accidentally ate their own hand, and someone who mistakenly took a treasure they saw on television for a real-world prize. But the stage is set for two star-crossed lovers to overcome their differences and let their love conquer all.