Request an estimate and design consultation today by filling out our short form Once we have decided what you would like placed where, we will draw up a detailed plan to show information such as transformer location, wiring type, conduit locations, junctions and fixture placements. We will also suggest to you the best style that will fit best with the theme of your current landscape, along with the best brands that will give you the best result and longevity, as well as the guarantee . Investing in the proper fixture(s) will be the difference in a system that will last for years versus replacing fixtures every few years, which will end up costing much more in the long run. Deck fixtures is a must on any outdoor patio, especially those in an otherwise dark area. What color-to-color transitions are there? Installing your lights allows you to control the size of your viewing area. We are using a lighting kit that comes with all the necessary components, but if you are building your own or adding to an existing kit, remember to choose a finish that matches. With the proper Landscape Lighting Design and lighting placement you can create a dramatic transformation. This is the only for us to know exactly what you require and why you want them, in relation to how you use your landscape. When meeting with you, we ask that you help us by pointing out any key locations around your home that you would like low-voltage landscape package. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Partially buried into the ground, these recessed fixtures provide ample illumination without an otherwise noticeable visual impact. Designing and installing exterior landscape lighting requires planning and creativity. These systems are safe to work with, energy efficient and easy to install and move. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Installation Guide W. P. Law, Inc. has developed an in-depth low voltage lighting installation manual to provide you with a precise step-by-step method of designing and installing low voltage landscape lighting. Postmount units are made from outdoor lanterns mounted on top of tall posts. Having low-voltage landscape lighting in your backyard can be a great benefit when you want to entertain on a summers evening. The basic principle of low-voltage lighting is the transformation of high voltage 110/120 volts to low voltage 12 volts with the use of a transformer. Home Products > Brands Gallery ... How to install low voltage outdoor garden lighting. In addition to improving safety, these low-voltage lights also improve the overall look and visual appeal of steps and stairs around the home. Avant Garde Landscapes is a full service Design and Installation company with over 18 years of experience in the residential landscaping trade. Taking advantage of your plants cover is a great way to provide contrast. A good example of this is lighting the front of a tree’s trunk, but then casting a light into the foliage of the tree at various angles. 220-240v Mains Garden Lighting Systems. Or, the type we are installing today is low-voltage lighting, which plugs into any outdoor GCFI outlet and works great as a decorative touch or to illuminate a path. It is also nice to have uplighting for more of an enjoyment purpose, such as on feature trees and rocks or a trellis with a vine the you particularly enjoy The warm wash of light that these can provide can define key areas such as seating areas next flower beds. The lights take their power from the transformer via ordinary two-core cable. You can expand, contract, narrow and draw the viewer away or toward points in your yard. Kichler can help. Thanks to the impressive benefits of Low Voltage LED lighting, these fixtures use very small light bulbs to produce a lot of illumination. One Planet Home - Solar-powered garden lights. (Special thanks to Nate Mullen and Tom Kuenzi who have provided me with Low Voltage Lighting training and resources for over a decade. Have you recently added curb appeal to your home? Key areas like walkways can be useful for getting around your landscape at night as well as steps and walls. In most cases it is not the fixture creating the light, but the bulb within the fixture creating the light. We provide all aspects of landscaping from the initial design to the construction and installation. Perhaps a new paving stone driveway, walls, pillars, steps, water features, statues, stucco, paint, patio cover, artificial grass or landscaping. Finally, it’s essential to be considerate of your neighbors when creating a layout plan. This guide covers low voltage path lighting installation. Also for: Gentle splash flood light. Do you entertain lots of friends and family or more of a quiet glass of wine and a book? Though their primary purpose is to improve safety by creating a visible boundary, they can also serve as primary lighting for entertaining at home. Low Voltage Fixtures (12V) All Low Voltage Lighting; Landscape Lighting Kits; Spotlights; Flood Lights; Path & Area Lighting; In-Ground Well Lights; Deck Lights; Step Lights; Hardscape Lights; Underwater Lights; Downlights; No Lead Wire Fixtures; Specialty Fixtures; Dark Sky Approved; Turtle Safe Lighting; New Products; Line Voltage Fixtures (120V) Or of course Amazon. A Guide on Low Voltage Lighting For Your Landscape. For mains voltage garden or outdoor lighting, you need to make sure you are staying within the building regulations. Low voltage landscape lights are easy and safe to install even if you are electrically challenged if you follow these simple instructions. Texture and color effect light. The small light bulbs also allow the fixtures to be tucked away in places where they otherwise wouldn’t be compatible. As I referenced earlier, lighting has the ability to create space. When installing your own garden lighting system, low voltage means that it is not only extremely easy to install yourself, but the safest mains garden lighting system available. Step lighting offers a nifty solution to this problem. They are plugged into a GFCI outlet outside. Looking at your yards features during the day is the best place to start. Different colors and material density will affect light absorption. This applies to other outdoor electrical activities also such as putting a light or electric socket in the shed or supplying electricity to a pump in the fishpond. Kichler® transformers provide powerful and reliable options that can drive any professional landscape lighting system – from a simple lighting application to a sophisticated design. Designed to remain submerged underwater, these fixtures are similar to waterproof spotlights in that their purpose is to highlight certain design elements. Hardscape lights install directly onto or into your landscape elements to provide ample illumination for handrails, wood structures, and patio’s, What to think about when choosing low voltage lighting. download your free “how to install low voltage landscape lighting” guide Thank you for confirming your email. They provide outdoor lighting for gardens, patios, walks and other areas that benefit from illumination but do not require floodlights or other bright lighting. The light fixtures get connected to the cable with wire connectors made specifically for outdoor use. Answer these three questions to help find the best layout: Another factor to consider is the power source you’re using. Having low-voltage landscape lighting in your backyard can be a great benefit when you want to entertain on a summers evening. Their minimal profile makes them the perfect choice in situations where you want the fixture itself to remain hidden. This type is installed directly into the steps or immediately nearby to provide safe passage at night. OUR HOURS : Monday – Friday* 8:00am – 5:00pm | Saturday* 8:00am – 1:00pm | Sunday: Closed. With colors, the effect of the perceived brightness is due to reflecting or absorbing light. This can be achieved by another lighting fixture and by reflecting the light off of surrounding objects to create ambient lighting. These systems–which can be installed in a matter of a few hours–reduce the 120-volt If you are not lighting your space you cannot see it, what you cannot see you cannot use. Does your landscape have any safety concerns, such as raised decks, walkways or retaining walls? Being able to navigate your walkways/steps and guiding guests to your front door would be a functional aspect of lighting. Ambient lighting is referred to as low level lighting and can be cast off of walls, plants or trees. DESIGN OVERVIEW: LVL system is a creative and flexible alternative for landscape lighting. Paver Patterns and Design Ideas for Your Patio, Artificial Grass Installation Services in San Diego and Orange County, Artificial Grass Cost – Installation Price Guide. When designing a Lighting System for your yard there are many things to consider. Matte surfaces have medium reflect-ability. Contrast is achieved by the distance of the fixture from the object you are lighting. Products such as Kichler and Volt pride themselves on a good quality product for safer installations, high energy savings, and consistent output from all fixtures around your home. The purpose of these is similar to that of a spotlight. We will also happily install the wire during an install or renovation, so you can have the option of having a landscape lighting package installed at a later date. To maximize the beauty of your new low voltage lighting you may want to consider changing these fixtures to a light where the bulb is not visible, change the bulb to a frosted bulb or leave these lights turned off while your low voltage system is turned on. They usually line the outside of the hardscape and are often even installed flush with the finishing material. Would you prefer a well lit landscape or small illuminated key points? Adding lighting to your landscaping Sydney project should start with choosing the ideal type of lighting. It’s all too easy to trip and stumble on dark outdoor stairs and steps at night. Low voltage lighting is particularly suited to outdoor environments. Low Voltage Lighting will make your yard usable past dark and will completely change the way your yard is being used. Being able to see the the fixture and light can create glare which is harsh to the eyes. The function of bringing light to a dark space could also be for safety and security. Make a plan for where you want the lights to go and think about what kinds (and lengths) of connecting wires you'll need a hea… Your lights are placed at your focal points and now you are creating the fill lighting. Battery and solar powered fixtures give you much more flexibility than that which needs to be connected to the electrical grid. A 12-volt AC system also uses less energy. Using tree foliage and plants is an excellent way to provide contrast. Or to emphasize man-made concepts such as sculptures, buildings, or other architectural elements. Home > Landscape Lighting Installation Guide. Light will reflect off of surfaces differently. It is the contrasting fields of light that create an interesting portrait. Low voltage landscape lights are powered through a transformer that lowers the regular voltage down to 12-volts. 7/2/2018 0 Comments by LED Outdoor Well done, you've made the effort to learn how to install your garden lights properly. Landscape Lighting Installation Guide. Light surfaces will absorb very little light and reflect more while dark surfaces will absorb more and reflect less. It is easy to install, safe to operate and maintain longer lamp life and significant energy savings. Which yard features do you want to highlight? The first step is to choose your lighting. It is important to plan ahead when installing low voltage lighting so that you can avoid any potential problems, especially with the setup. Your home’s hard and softscape features are a work of art waiting to be highlighted. LED Or Halogen Garden Lights? By James January 8, 2018 September 23rd, 2020 No Comments. The low-voltage cable carries current between the transformer and the light fixtures. Those with moving water also bring the relaxing sound of nature to your home. By far the most common type of landscape fixtures, low-voltage path style do exactly as their name implies: they illuminate the paths, walkways and driveways that make up your home landscaping. Why is it safe to install? Depending on the density of a plant’s leaf, light may be able to travel through it. Let’s say you want a product that is focused on just pathway lights. If you are not lighting your space you cannot see it, what you cannot see you cannot use. And bear in mind that some plants, like hydrangea bushes, sumac and dogwoods with colorful stems, look cool lit up, even when they’re leafless. DESIGN OF LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTING SYSTEM. The two components of LVL system are direct burial cable and transformer. That being said, all lighting fixtures are not created equal. There is a functional side to lighting your space. What is the density of the plant material? These exterior-grade fixtures are typically placed along walkways and driveways, but they're also ideal for illuminating steps, trees, stonewalls, fences and other prominent landscape features. Don’t place a fixture in front of every (front lighting). Understanding how eyes adjust to light is an important aspect of designing your landscape lighting project. More light means less light. First step : Plan out your lighting layout. Our Victoria based landscape services include interlocking brick paver walkways and driveways, flagstone patio’s, raised garden beds, retaining walls, lawns, trees and shrubs, irrigation, drainage and landscape lighting. By asking questions such as these we are able to design a low-voltage lighting package that suits your every need. Use special underwater pond lights to better illuminate these ponds during the day and night. Wire and position fixtures. The complete manual is … The initial step for installing low voltage lighting is to consider the layout where each fixture is going to be placed. This is due to apparent brightness. Will you get reflective light from one surface to another? Lighting will add depth and dimension to your space and reveal beautiful details that may be hidden during the day. Start at a landscape supply or home improvement store to buy everything you will need to install your outdoor lighting. Posted at 10:54h in Commercial Landscaping, Landscape Design, Outdoor Lighting, Residential Landscaping by Jim Carter. A pond, fountain, or waterfall adds a unique look to your yard while increasing your homes resell value. Please enter your information to confirm. Low-Voltage Electrical Cable: The cable used for landscape lighting is specifically made for burial underground. Textured surfaces like brick or self-stacking walls can also cast shadows that is visually satisfying. View and Download Volt Low Voltage Landscape Lighting installation instructions manual online. We are a professional, responsible, knowledgeable with friendly staff .Our aim is to give you a landscape that makes you proud! Underwater lights should ideally be low voltage (12v) as it is much safer than mains (240v). Low voltage lighting is extremely safe, energy-efficient and affordable. this allows you to upgrade your landscape in the future without the major cost of ripping up your current landscape to install wire. How to Install Outdoor Lighting. Proudly serving San Diego and Orange County, California. Many landscape fixture sets are prewired and include snap-on or press … This helps fill in the “black holes” and creates excellent fill lighting. Once you have acquired all that you need to install your landscape lighting, it is … Special fixtures and low-voltage bulbs are available that minimize glare and keep the illumination produced contaminated to your yard as much as possible. They’re ideal for home entryways, gates, and fences. This can be resolved by directing the light on an angle toward your objects and away from the viewing angle. This will give you an opportunity to decide what aspects of your yard you would like to highlight at night. One of the best fixtures for outdoor low-voltage landscaping is undoubtedly well lights. We offer many different options for landscape lighting from path to spotlights for highlighting key points aroung the yard. Eyes will be attracted to the brightest light so it is important to fill in the dark area of your yard (black holes) with soft cohesion filler lighting. Where you do not have light you are creating a “black hole” which can strain the eyes. When doing this you can define your property lines, establish boundaries, and create space. Medium colors have a medium reflective nature. 2 Low Voltage Installation Guide Low Voltage Installation Guide 3 Why Low Voltage? Outdoor fixtures come with a variety of special features that add value, save money and make lighting more convenient. It runs from the transformer to each light fixture in the system. Landscape lighting is beneficial in that it gives your home a luxurious look while still making it safer especially at night. There are many different types of lighting … Consider purchasing a transformer that has voltage capability greater than your initial needs to ensure that any additional landscape lights can be added easily at a later date. The best layout for you depends on your needs and preferences. You now have access to Our Free Landscape Lighting Video Resources that we will be sharing with you over the next few weeks along with additional Tips and Tools to help you enhance your outdoor living space with Outdoor Landscape Lighting. With tips for planning and getting started to design help and landscape lighting techniques you can see our landscape lighting guide … Special Features. Often the light units are on spikes, which you just push into the ground. Low Voltage Lighting will make your yard usable past dark and will completely change the way your yard is being used. When doing this it is good to ask yourself the following questions: Contrast is usually not achieved by using lower wattage lamps. The main take-away with contrast is that it is achieved by color, density, textures and placement of fixtures as well as the degree of the angle of the fixtures. It carries less power and the cable can be buried just below the surface rather than in a deep trench. In addition to placing your fixtures in front of your focal points, lights can be placed behind and on the sides of an object. I will focus more on fixtures in my next post, but glare can be reduced by adding frosted lenses or smaller size bulbs. Use them to highlight natural features such as trees, flowers, shrubs, or other plants. Placing a light under or below will create a glowing effect. Often your home will already have outdoor light fixtures with visible bulbs. Landscape lighting can add a high-end look to your home, and makes it safer too. Lighting will change the entire feel of a space and visually connect different areas in your yard. A low-voltage (12-volt AC) lighting system offers advantages over a 120-volt AC system more commonly used indoors. These changes are amazing during the day, but perhaps ignored and not enjoyed to its fullest potential when the sun goes down. When it comes to garden lighting, a low-voltage set-up is the simplest and safest to install. Establish levels of light to create contrast and provide depth and visual dimension. Their purpose is to ensure the visibility of the entire hardscape surface at night. With the proper. We currently service most areas in San Diego County and Orange County, California. Consider seasonal factors when planning your landscape low voltage lighting installation. The spotlight is arguably the most versatile type of outdoor low-voltage landscape lighting. By doing this you are connecting the areas of your yard and creating a change in light levels from darker to lighter or lighter to darker. below. Do you have a path, set of stairs that needs to be outlined. Additional uses include emphasizing a particular feature, enhancing a pond or foundation, or framing a specific area of your yard. The main goal for creating a beautiful lighting project is achieved by the effect of the light. Line voltage landscape lights operate at 120-volts, the same voltage as the appliances in your home. … Install lights where they won’t be easily damaged by plows or shovels. Between focal and anchor points use fill-in lighting or bridge lighting to create cohesion. You don’t want the extremely bright lighting to bug your next-door neighbors. MEIKEE LED Landscape Lights. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Light Fixture pdf manual download. Looking to enhance your home with landscape lighting. Perhaps a new, Your home’s hard and softscape features are a work of art waiting to be highlighted. The Ultimate Guide To Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting. Smooth surfaces like glass, chrome, aluminum, marble, granite and high gloss paint have a high reflective nature. We offer many different options for landscape lighting from path to spotlights for highlighting key points aroung the yard. The further the light source is from an object, less light will reach the object. Matte surfaces like stucco can help spread light for a medium lighting scenario. A low-voltage system has three parts: The transformer plugs into a nearby GFCI-protected outlet and reduces 120-volt current to 12 volts. Have you recently added curb appeal to your home? To give the landscape lighting designer ultimate flexibility, Philips Hadco offers a full line of low-voltage systems which are safe, affordable, and easy to install. Low-voltage landscape lighting brings your yard alive after dark. See supply list below. Questions such as; do you spend alot of time outdoors entertaining or socializing? Lighting will change the entire feel of a space and visually connect different areas in your yard. Another great place to have a small hidden spot can be around waterfeatures and core-drilled rocks. Install them in areas where guests congregate, such as a deck or patio, to ensure adequate visibility for everyone. Lay out your lighting. Energy-efficient lighting meets strict standards. Think about the layout of the lighting. Because the power comes from a transformer, which lowers standard 120-volt household wattage to 12 volts. Enhance the nighttime curb appeal of your home—and add a measure of safety and security—with low-voltage landscape lighting.